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Building Energy Assessment

Data Gathering

  • Meet with the Owner to become familiar with the facility and targeted areas of concern

  • Develop a facility-specific assessment plan

  • Review as-built drawings, control schemes, energy data, and operational information

  • Gather and assess facility utility bills and usage reports

  • Customize equipment checklists for the facility

Facility Audit / Inspection

  • Perform site visit, and conduct interviews with the operational staff, key occupants, and the facility Owner. 

  • Conduct a facility inspection to collect major equipment data, review maintenance activities and records, document equipment condition, review and confirm equipment sequences of operation, and make necessary adjustments and improvements

  • Produce a written report of gathered data and prioritized recommendations for energy conservation measures (ECM) based on return on investment

  • Report to include a detailed review of test results and the energy usage analysis, an itemized list of deficiencies, and recommendations for corrective actions and energy improvement opportunities, ranked by cost and suggested necessity

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