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Effective building commissioning is a cooperative and proactive process. It includes design review, installation verification, proper system start-ups, functional performance tests, operations  and maintenance (O&M) training, and complete documentation of the building MEPF/ELV Systems.

Benefits of the Commissioning

  • Reduction of change orders and additional claims

  • Fewer deficiencies at substantial completion

  • Managed start-up procedures

  • Less post-occupancy corrective work

  • Better operation, maintenance and reliability

  • Lower energy and operations costs

  • Complete and useful documentation

  • More knowledgeable O&M staff

Proper balance is needed to ensure your HVAC system provides a comfortable building environment as well as optimal indoor air quality.

The testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) process optimizes system performance and energy efficiency which extends the life of your equipment. Our technicians work with contractors, engineers, commissioning agents and building owners to maintain systems that are comfortable, energy focused and produce minimal impacts on the environment.

Building assessments identify significant opportunities for improving energy efficiency and reducing energy expenses. 

Benefits of Facility Assessments

  • Improve facility reliability and efficiency

  • Estimate, plan and budget for repairs, replacement and other deferred maintenance costs

  • Better account of remaining life of mechanical, electrical, and general building systems

  • Compliance with new building code requirements and standards

  • Enhanced safety

  • Promote cost savings

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